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MIPS R3000 processors

Introduction: 1988

The R3000 succeeded the R2000 in 1988, adding 32KB (soon increased to 64KB) caches for instructions and data, along with cache coherency support for multi-processor use. While there were flaws in the R3000's multiprocessor support, it still managed to be a part of several successful multiprocessor designs. The R3000 also included a built-in MMU, a common feature on CPUs of the era. The R3000 was the first successful MIPS design in the marketplace, and eventually over 1 million were made. The R3000A, used in the extremely successful Sony Playstation, was a speed bumped version running at 40MHz that delivered a performance of 32 VUPs. Like the R2000, the R3000 was paired with the R3010 FPU. Pacemips produced an R3400 and IDT produced R3500, both of them were R3000s with R3010 fpu on a single chip. Toshiba's R3900 was a virtually first SoC for the early Handheld PCs based on the Windows CE.

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.