Gecko's CPU Library

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Dual In-line Package (DIP) (more...)
CDIP-40: Ceramic Dual In-line Package (side brazed), 40 pins
CerDIP-40: Cerdip Dual In-line Package, 40 pins
PDIP-40: Plastic Dual In-line Package, 40 pins
PDIP-64: Plastic Dual In-line Package (shrink), 64 pins
Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC) (more...)
CLCC-68: Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier, 68 pins
PLCC-68: Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier, 68 pins
Flatpack Package (QFP) (more...)
PQFP-100: Plastic Quad Flatpack Package, 100 pins
PQFP-100: Plastic Quad Flatpack Package (rectangular), 100 pins
Pin Grid Array (PGA) (more...)
CPGA-68: Ceramic Pin Grid Array, 68 pins
CPGA-88: Ceramic Pin Grid Array, 88 pins
CPGA-132: Ceramic Pin Grid Array, 132 pins
CPGA-168: Ceramic Pin Grid Array, 168 pins
CPGA-273: Ceramic Pin Grid Array, 273 pins
CPGA-296: Ceramic Pin Grid Array, 296 pins
PPGA-296: Plastic Pin Grid Array, 296 pins
CPGA-387: Ceramic Pin Grid Array, 387 pins
FCPGA-370: Flip Chip Pin Grid Array (type 1), 370 pins
FCPGA2-370: Flip Chip Pin Grid Array (type 2), 370 pins
FCPGA2-423: Flip Chip Pin Grid Array (type 2), 423 pins
FCPGA2-478: Flip Chip Pin Grid Array (type 2), 478 pins
mPGA-495: Micro Pin Grid Array, 495 pins
mPGA-615: Micro Pin Grid Array, 615 pins
Tape Carrier Package (TCP) (more...)
Single Edge Contact Cartridge (SECC) (more...)
SECC-242: Single Edge Contact Cartridge (type 1), 242 pins
SECC2-242: Single Edge Contact Cartridge (type 2), 242 pins
SECC-330: Single Edge Contact Cartridge, 330 pins
Single Edge Processor Package (SEPP) (more...)
SEPP-242: Single Edge Processor Package, 242 pins
Mobile Module Connector (MMC) (more...)
MMC: Mobile Module Connector (type 1)
MMC2: Mobile Module Connector (type 2)
Mini-Cartridge Connector (MCC) (more...)
Ball Grid Array (BGA) (more...)
CBGA: Ceramic Ball Grid Array
PBGA: Plastic Ball Grid Array
HPBGA: High-termal Plastic Ball Grid Array
HLPBGA: High-termal with Low-profiles Plastic Ball Grid Array
Pin Array Cartridge (PAC) (more...)
PAC-418: Pin Array Cartridge, 418 pins
PAC-611: Pin Array Cartridge, 611 pins
Land Grid Array (LGA) (more...)
LGA-775: Land Grid Array, 775 pins