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IBM RS64 (Apache) processors

Introduction: October 1997

The RS64 (also known as Apache) is the first 64-bit PowerPC RISC processor (October 1997). The RS64 is a superscalar processor optimized for commercial workloads. The processor has separate 64KB L1 cache for instructions and data and L2 cache controllers. The L2 caches run at full processor speed. The RS64 contains a 16 byte interface to 2-way set associative 4MB L2 cache. The RS64 is also used in the AS/400 (called A35). Predecessors of the A35, only running OS/400 are the A10 (a.k.a. Cobra), the world's first 64-bit PowerPC microprocessor, and A25 (a.k.a. Muskie).

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.