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AMD Elan SC400 and SC410 controllers

Introduction: 1998

The ElanSC400 and ElanSC410 microcontrollers are the among the latest in a series of E86™ family microcontrollers, which integrate proven x86 CPU cores with a comprehensive set of on-chip peripherals in a 0.35-micron process.

The ElanSC400 and ElanSC410 microcontrollers combine a 32-bit, low-voltage Am486 CPU with a complete set of PC/AT-compatible peripherals, along with the power management features required for battery operation.

Leveraging the benefits of the x86 desktop computing environment, the ElanSC400 and ElanSC410 microcontrollers integrate all of the common logic and I/O functionality associated with a PC/AT computing system into a single device, eliminating the need for multiple peripheral chips. Fully integrated PC/AT-compatible peripherals include two 8259A-compatible programmable interrupt controllers (PICs), two 8237A-compatible DMA controllers, an 8254-compatible timer, a 16550 UART, an IrDA controller, VL-bus and ISA bus controllers, a real-time clock (RTC), and Enhanced Parallel Port (EP) mode for the parallel port.

With its low-voltage Am486 CPU core and ultra-small form factor, the ElanSC400 microcontroller is highly optimized for mobile computing applications. The ElanSC410 microcontroller is targeted specifically for embedded systems.

The ElanSC400 and ElanSC410 microcontrollers use the industry-standard 486 microprocessor instruction set. All software written for the x86 architecture family is compatible with the ElanSC400 and ElanSC410 microcontrollers.

The ElanSC400 and ElanSC410 microcontrollers are based on a fully static design and include an advanced power management unit. Operating voltages are 2.7V–3.3V with 5V-tolerant I/O pads. Orderable in both 33MHz, 66MHz, and 100MHz peak processor speeds, the product is available in the ultra-small 292 ball grid array (BGA) package.

Source: AMD ElanSC400 and ElanSC410 datasheet.