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VIA Eden ESP, Eden-N and Eden processors

Introduction: December 2001 (Eden ESP), October 2003 (Eden-N), January 2006 (Eden)


The VIA Cyrix III/C3 was a family of x86 central processing units for Socket 370 personal computers, designed by Centaur Technology and sold by VIA Technologies. The different CPU cores were built following the design methodology of Centaur Technology.

The VIA Cyrix III was later renamed VIA C3, as it was not built upon Cyrix technology at all.

The Eden ESP, Eden-N and Eden cores

VIA Eden was a name of a variant of VIA's C3/C7 processors, designed to be used in embedded devices. They had smaller package sizes, lower power consumption, and somewhat lower computing performance than their C equivalents, due to reduced clock rates. They were often used in EPIA mini-ITX and nano-ITX motherboards, which had letter "E" at the end of their model name.

The Eden was available in four main versions:
- Eden ESP: Samuel 2 and Nehemiah cores (300MHz-1.0GHz) in 35mm × 35mm EBGA package, 66/100/133MHz FSB
- Eden-N: Nehemiah core (533MHz-1.0GHz) in 15mm × 15mm NanoBGA package, 133MHz FSB
- Eden: Esther core (400MHz-1.2GHz) in 21mm × 21mm NanoBGA2 package, 400MT/s FSB
- Eden ULV: Esther core (500MHz-1.5GHz) in 21mm × 21mm NanoBGA2 package, 400MT/s FSB

The Eden ULV 500MHz was the first variant to achieve a 1W TDP.

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