Gecko's CPU Library
Part # Name Frequency Package
21-15579-00PDP-11 LSI-11 1611H data chip3.3 MHzCDIP-40
23-001B5-00PDP-11 LSI-11 3010D instruction-set ROM-CDIP-40
23-002B5-00PDP-11 LSI-11 3007D instruction-set ROM-CDIP-40
23-002C4-00PDP-11 LSI-11 2007C control chip3.3 MHzCDIP-40
23-003B5-00PDP-11 LSI-11 3015D ext/FPU instruction-set ROM-CDIP-40
23-003C4-00PDP-11 LSI-11 2007C control chip3.3 MHzCDIP-40
23-001C7-AAPDP-11 F-11 DC303 control chip3.6 MHzCLCC-40
23-002C7-AAPDP-11 F-11 DC303 control chip3.6 MHzCLCC-40
21-15541-ABPDP-11 F-11 DC302 data chip3.6 MHzCLCC-40
21-15542-01PDP-11 F-11 DC304 MMU3.6 MHzDIP-40
23-203C7-AAPDP-11 F-11 DC303 control chip3.6 MHzCLCC-40
57-000000-01PDP-11 F-113.6 MHzCDIP-40
57-000000-1A1PDP-11 F-113.6 MHzCDIP-40
21-17311-01PDP-11 T-11 DC310250 MHzCDIP-40
21-17677-01PDP-11 J-11 DC334 data chip3.75 to 4.5 MHzCLCC-84
21-17677-04PDP-11 J-11 DC334 data chip3.75 to 4.5 MHzCLCC-84
21-17679-10PDP-11 J-11 DC335 control chip3.75 to 4.5 MHzCLCC-84
21-17679-11PDP-11 J-11 DC335 control chip3.75 to 4.5 MHzCLCC-84
21-17679-16PDP-11 J-11 DC335 control chip3.75 to 4.5 MHzCLCC-84
57-19400-04PDP-11 J-113.75 to 4.5 MHzCDIP-60
57-19400-06PDP-11 J-113.75 to 4.5 MHzCDIP-60
57-19400-07PDP-11 J-113.75 to 4.5 MHzCDIP-60
57-19400-08PDP-11 J-113.75 to 4.5 MHzCDIP-60
57-19400-09PDP-11 J-113.75 to 4.5 MHzCDIP-60
57-19400-4A1PDP-11 J-113.75 to 4.5 MHzCDIP-60
21-20849-ABVAX V-11 DC330 FPU5 to 6.25 MHzCPGA-???
21-20850-BBVAX V-11 DC329 MMU5 to 6.25 MHzCPGA-???
21-20851-ABVAX V-11 DC328 instruction execution chip5 to 6.25 MHzCPGA-???
21-20852-DBVAX V-11 DC327 ROM/RAM-CLCC-44
21-20887-01VAX MicroVAX II DC333 CPU5 MHzCQFP-68
57-22189-01VAX V-11 DC327 ROM/RAM-CDIP-54
21-22797-01VAX MicroVAX II DC337 FPU5 MHzCQFP-68
21-24674-14VAX CVAX DC341 CPU (KA42-A)11 MHzCQFP-84
21-24674-17VAX CVAX-60 DC580 CPU (KA41-D)16.67 MHzCQFP-84
21-26604-03VAX CVAX DC513 FPU (KA42-A)11 MHzCQFP-68
21-26604-07VAX CVAX-60 DC581 FPU (KA41-D)16.67 MHzCQFP-68
21-25087-10VAX Rigel DC520 CPU (KA43)35 to 40 MHzCQFP-???
21-25090-02VAX Rigel DC523 FPA (KA43)35 to 40 MHzCQFP-???
21-31758-03VAX Mariah DC595 CPU (KA47)62 to 71 MHzCQFP-???
21-31758-04VAX Mariah DC595 CPU (KA47)62 to 71 MHzCQFP-???
21-31760-01VAX Mariah DC596 FPU (KA47)62 to 71 MHzCQFP-???
21-31760-02VAX Mariah DC596 FPU (KA47)62 to 71 MHzCQFP-???
21-34457-03VAX NVAX (KA53)71 to 90 MHzCPGA-431
21-34457-05VAX NVAX (KA53)71 to 90 MHzCPGA-431
21-35023-05Alpha 21064 Prototype (EV4)(?)CPGA-431
21-35023-08Alpha 21064 (EV4)(?)CPGA-431
21-35023-12Alpha 21064 (EV4)200 MHzCPGA-431
21-35023-13Alpha 21064 (EV4)150 MHzCPGA-431
21-35023-14Alpha 21064 (EV4)166 MHzCPGA-431
21-35023-19Alpha 21064 (EV4)150 MHzCPGA-431
21-35023-20Alpha 21064 (EV4)190-200 MHzCPGA-431
21-35023-21Alpha 21064 (EV4)190-200 MHzCPGA-431
21-37430-01Alpha 21066 (LCA4)166 MHzCPGA-287
21-40501-04Alpha 21066 (LCA4)266 MHzCPGA-287
21-40532-01Alpha 21064A (EV45)(?)CPGA-431
21-40532-02Alpha 21064A (EV45)200 MHz (?)CPGA-431
21-40532-03Alpha 21064A (EV45)233 MHzCPGA-431
21-40532-04Alpha 21064A (EV45)266-275 MHzCPGA-431
21-40532-06Alpha 21064A (EV45)300 MHzCPGA-431
21-40532-08Alpha 21064A (EV45)266-275 MHzCPGA-431
21-40658-15Alpha 21164 (EV5)266 MHzCPGA-499
21-40658-17Alpha 21164 (EV5)300 MHzCPGA-499
21-40658-18Alpha 21164 (EV5)333 MHzCPGA-499
21-40658-20Alpha 21164 (EV5)200 MHz (?)CPGA-499
21-43918-01Alpha 21164A (EV56)333 MHzCPGA-499
21-43918-02Alpha 21164A (EV56)366 MHz (?)CPGA-499
21-43918-03Alpha 21164A (EV56)400 MHzCPGA-499
21-43918-07Alpha 21164A (EV56)500 MHzCPGA-499
21-43918-10Alpha 21164A (EV56)(?)CPGA-499
21-43918-13Alpha 21164A (EV56)400 MHzCPGA-499
21-43918-19Alpha 21164A (EV56)(?)CPGA-499
21-43918-21Alpha 21164A (EV56)400 MHzCPGA-499
21-43918-22Alpha 21164A (EV56)433 MHzCPGA-499
21-43918-23Alpha 21164A (EV56)(?)CPGA-499
21-43918-25Alpha 21164A (EV56)533 MHz (?)CPGA-499
21-43918-34Alpha 21164A (EV56)500 MHz (?)CPGA-499
21-43918-35Alpha 21164A (EV56)533 MHzCPGA-499
21-43918-37Alpha 21164A (EV56)600 MHzCPGA-499
21-43918-42Alpha 21164A (EV56)433 MHzCPGA-499
21-43918-44Alpha 21164A (EV56)500 MHzCPGA-499
21-43918-45Alpha 21164A (EV56)533 MHzCPGA-499
21-43918-S5Alpha 21164A (EV56)500 MHzCPGA-499
21-43918-S6Alpha 21164A (EV56)533 MHz (?)CPGA-499
21-43918-S8Alpha 21164A (EV56)633 MHz (?)CPGA-499
211PC-01Alpha 21164A-PC (PCA56)400 MHzCPGA-413
211PC-02Alpha 21164A-PC (PCA56)466 MHzCPGA-413
211PC-03Alpha 21164A-PC (PCA56)533 MHzCPGA-413
21-47306-01DC1069 EV6 turbolaser control (SWI)(?)CPGA-???
21-47307-01DC1068 EV6 turbolaser data in (TDI)(?)CPGA-???
21-47310-03DC1048 EV6 PCI interface support chip (P-chip)(?)CPGA-???
21-47311-02DC1047 EV6 data path support chip (D-chip)(?)CPGA-???
21-47315-01DC1067 EV6 turbolaser control chip (TCC)(?)CPGA-???
21-49643-07Alpha 21264 (EV6)(?)CPGA-587
21-49643-08Alpha 21264 (EV6)(?)CPGA-587
21-49643-09Alpha 21264 (EV6)575 MHz (?)CPGA-587
21-49643-57Alpha 21264 (EV6)500 MHz (?)CPGA-587
21-49643-S7Alpha 21264 (EV6)(?)CPGA-587
21-49643-S8Alpha 21264 (EV6)525 MHzCPGA-587
21-49643-SBAlpha 21264 (EV6)500 MHz (?)CPGA-587
DE-A264A-G2Alpha 21264 (EV6)500 MHzCPGA-587
DE-A264A-G3Alpha 21264 (EV6)(?)CPGA-587
21-49815-SUAlpha 21264 (EV67)677 MHzCPGA-587
21-49815-SWAlpha 21264 (EV67)733 MHzCPGA-587
21-56328-S4Alpha 21264B (EV68)(?)CPGA-587